Shilah Anderson

This night with my daughter was groundbreaking. Sounds silly I know, but it’s been so long since we’ve been able to (just the two of us) laugh, love, explore, learn and grow. All of that happened. We did it together and did it in a space that was lead by the spirit. This means the world to me because I know from experience when that is the case, eternal truths are found.

My daughter has now seen, felt and gained a deep desire to return to an environment where other girls of all shapes, sizes and ages find and embrace the same kinds of truths.

All I can say is this movement is so incredibly needed. With the confusion the world is offering up on a platter that’s near impossible to resist, our young daughters, more than ever, need direction and focus on truth and light. They need to come face to face with the power they have been gifted, learn where that power comes from and find out what they are capable of when they walk hand in hand with their Savior. Sign me up for the next one…she’s already planning on it.