Testimonial Category: Personal Brand Testimonials

  • Lindsey Preece

    Lindsey Preece

    I have worked with Traci for the past 6 years! The best way I can express that time in 1 word would be “enlightening”. Traci has a way of helping others (including myself) discover their divine gifts and then…LIVE out their truest potential. She’s gifted at teaching and showing others how to improve their relationships…

  • Mary Millward

    Mary Millward

    I have known Traci for over a decade and have been blessed to work alongside her for 7 years. The community we’ve built spans the globe and still focuses on the individual. Traci is a motivator. She has built me up, and given me clear steps to prioritize my life and take focused massive action.…

  • Felicia Goble

    Felicia Goble

    I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Traci Peterson over the last 5 years.  I’ve been able to be personally mentored and trained by her in business and personal development and would love to share a few insights that I felt were worth sharing. First and foremost, Traci leads by example in all…